How many times have you desperately needed an outdoor freelancer to complete a project?
A VO with great accent? A musician with great perception, a VFX designer to complete your scene??
Well, here you go!, is a unique, specialised online marketplace for audio and video post production services, owned and operated by LLC, based in the USA with branches in Cyprus called LTD.
It's connecting Post Production Professionals with Clients looking for them.
Clients and Audio-video freelancers from all over the world, have already created their profiles and offer their services for all kinds of production needs.
Voice over talents with the highest quality of recording equipment, musicians, singers, sound designers, sound editors, graphic designers, motion designers, 3D artists, 3D architectural visualization artists, drawing artists, video editors, animators, photographers, cameramen, post production supervisors, script writers etc, are bidding on any project that interests them, while creating a demo according to the client's brief.
Freelancers' award for every project they win, is free of any commission for them.
Clients are radio stations, tv channels, production companies, audio or video producers, freelancers need other freelancers to complete a project and anyone who needs post production services of any kind.
If you have a project that requires many specialties, at you will make it come true! That's because in this marketplace, all professionals can form a team and work together.
So, if you are a client, post your project, set your budget and receive many demos and bids before you select the winner. Audio and Video production was never easier before!
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